Candidates Positions for 2020 Board of Directors


  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Director at Large- Membership/Nominations

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Voting take places from August 15th through September 1st.
Winners will be notified by the current President… 

Meet our 2020 Candidates!

  • President – Elect:   There were no nominations for this position.  Write in candidates will be accepted.

  • Secretary:

    Nicole Erickson, BSN, RN, CGRN
    My career started in gastroenterology over 8 years ago as a GI technician at Aurora Medical Center. I worked as a full time tech while going to nursing school. After graduation I was promoted to lead in the department and recently promoted to supervisor.
    In this role I was able to incorporate numerous evidence based practices that lead to new initiative within the department. Mitigation of infection prevention was my focus and through that we were able to spear head numerous initiatives such as disposable procedure kits, 24 hour endoscopic irrigation tubing, endoscopic single use GI valves and standardization of intra-operative end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring.
    I am dedicated to providing the best evidenced based practices and SGNA provides me with a great opportunity to learn from my peers and apply these best practices to create better patient outcomes.

  • Director-at-Large; Membership/Nominations:

    Shelley Jaehnke RN, ADN, CGRN
    I want to run for this position on the board because I want to give back to WSGNA. I have been a GI nurse for 30 years and have been certified since 1994. I have attended many wonderful conferences and learned so much that I feel I now have the time and knowledge to give back.
    I really want to encourage our new, young and our seasoned GI nurses to join, get involved and become certified in the field of GI Nursing. We also need to get the GI techs involved and certified.

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