Again, thank you for the scholarship and opportunity to be part of this uniting, engaging and advancing educational program (2017 Fall Regional WSGNA Conference). I and my associates are fortunate to belong to the beneficial society that is WSGNA. Karin J. Schmoldt, CCMA, Clinic Coordinator, GI Associates, Wausau, WI

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  • Membership in WSGNA/SGNA ~ Download application here or go to the SGNA website directly to fill out the application online to mail in or submit online.
  • Educational Scholarships
    • SGNA Annual Course: 3 @ $250 each  **DUE March 31st in 2021- Award notifications will be made April 14th in time for Early Bird  registration!
    • WSGNA Regional All Day/Half Day or Webinars:
      •  CLICK HERE to apply online for Educational Course Scholarships.
        The number of and amount of scholarships is determined by the BOD
        each January at the first meeting when the annual budget is approved.
  • ABCGN — (The following scholarships are awarded in September ONLY; those certifying in May will have to wait until September to be notified of awards.)  Certification in gastroenterology nursing recognizes professional achievements and promotes excellence in this specialty. The major goal of the program is to establish a high standard of competency among healthcare professionals employed in gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing. CLICK HERE to apply online.
      • Certification: 2 @ $400 EACH
      • Re-certification: 2 @ $350 EACH