Margaret Hauser-Allman
Margaret Hauser-Ullman outside the Baltimore Convention Center at #SGNA15 Annual Course

There were so many great educational learning opportunities at the SGNA 42nd Annual Course in Baltimore in May. It was difficult to choose which courses to attend. The quality of these offerings were very impressive.

My time at work is split between working in two areas: three days per week as a GI triage nurse and two days per week working in procedures. There were a variety of topics that were pertinent to both of these areas of nursing.

As a GI nurse who has been practicing in our field for many years, I was pretty sure I was up to date with the latest information on reflux. Dr. John Lipham presented on GERD and brought a lot of new information to light, focusing on the rise of esophageal
cancer and the continued difficulties of managing reflux in our patients. Graft-vs-Host Disease and Endoscopic Myotomy were two topics that were unfamiliar to me prior to this course. I’m glad I attended these sessions. It was also exciting to listen to Sue
Nuccio’s presentation on moderate sedation (our Wisconsin SGNA member!). These were just a few of the courses I attended but I must say all of the sessions were interesting and informative.

And of course, it was helpful to visit with the vendors. They are a great resource for new technology and information in GI. It was also wonderful to visit and network with friends, old and new.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed the historical city of Baltimore. Walking around enjoying the inner harbor area, smaller neighborhoods, and searching for the best crab cakes were definite highlights.

Thank you, WSGNA, for making it possible for me to attend this course. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the latest updates and technology in the world of GI.

Margaret Hauser-Ullman RN CGRN

Margaret Hauser-Ullman on WSGNA National Course Scholarship