Support Removing Barriers to CRC Screening Act


United States Capitol
United States Capitol

It’s back to the beginning for Rep. Charles Dent from Pennsylvania: 

H.R.1017  – Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act of 2017;  S.624 of 2015 and 2016 and NOW re-introduced to the 115th Congressional House

To correct an oversight in the current healthcare law requiring patients to pay coinsurance for screenings if polyps are found, we are asking you to speak from the GI/endoscopy perspective to encourage our senators from Wisconsin to remove all barriers to colorectal cancer screening. A previous H.R 4120 bill was introduced by Rep. Charles Dent from Pennsylvania in the 112th Congress but has not been acted on. In fact, it died! AND, again in 2016!!! 
Call our Representatives Glenn Grothman, Gwen Moore, Jim Sensenbrenner, Mark Pocan, Mike Gallagher, Paul Ryan, Ron Kind, Sean Duffy today and ask that they support this legislation to remove the copay requirement.
You can also send an email or letter to your representative via ASGE’s CapWiz system. A form letter is provided and your representatives will be contacted based on the contact information you provide.

As of July 5, 2017, this bill sits in the Subcommittee on Health in the House Ways and Means… Please talk to your legislators to pass it and save lives!

NEW!! Tell our Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to protect healthcare for cancer patients…

SGNA stands with Fight Colorectal Cancer in opposing any healthcare plan that does not protect cancer patients.