Linda Anderson
Linda Anderson

As I write this, I am preparing to go to the Annual Course to represent Wisconsin at the House of Delegates. The House of Delegates allows the regions to vote on resolutions, that are submitted, to frame the legislation for SGNA. These resolutions are very important to members of WSGNA as they affect regional members.

As an example, last year the resolution to change the grace period for SGNA membership renewal was shortened from March 31 to January 31. This did not change your length of membership but required that you renewed by an earlier date so as not to let your membership lapse.

This year we have three resolutions. One resolution supports education for reprocessing. Another resolution would allow voting for the associate representative on the board. The second resolution, as submitted, addresses declining membership of regions and potential solutions.

WSGNA has experienced a decline in membership as many regions have. As a board and education committee we have strived to serve the members with valuable education through conferences, live streaming, and eLearnings. The board has worked to provide this education, keeping the balance of quality and cost.

In representing Wisconsin, I hope to find answers in how this resolution will affect regions both financially and in the ability to provide leadership and education. Wisconsin is at the forefront in education as we live stream our educational presentations to provide support for our members that cannot travel the distance to attend the conference in person. We also offer support to other regions who may be struggling to have educational offerings for their members. This resolution may change the composition of the regions. I hope to better understand the possibilities of both passing and not passing this resolution and the future of the regions.

More to come on this very important resolution as we move forward to serve our members and to keep WSGNA both solvent and education based.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Anderson, RN, BSN, CGRN
WSGNA President 2018

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