Sue Machones, 2015 WSGNA President

“As a nurse for many years, I have witnessed the many changes in the way we care for our patients and practice nursing. Working as GI Nurses and GI Associates in today’s health care environment has become increasingly challenging due to the constant changes in health care. I see myself, along with my fellow board members, as carrying the torch forward from those who have come before to focus on meeting the challenges in today’s health care by providing education for our nurses and associates, developing our leaders, and partnering with SGNA in supporting and advocating for policy changes that will improve patient/community outcomes.

As strength is in numbers, we need to grow our membership and have made that an additional goal for this upcoming year.

I look forward to serving as your 2015 WSGNA President.

Best Regards,

Sue Machones, MSN, RN, CGRN
Staff Development Specialist II
ProHealth Care

Waukesha WI

From the President
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