Wisconsin Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates

President’s Message
September 5, 2022

Reunite, Recharge, Reflect.  What an appropriate theme for the SGNA National Annual Conference. I had the privilege to attend the conference in person and it was exciting to meet colleagues in person and network. 

On a personal and professional level, the past two years have challenged all of us to view and approach our daily lives a bit differently. As we begin our transition to a new “normalcy”, I am hoping all of you are feeling energized!

Our current WSGNA board consists of two members: Past President and President.  We are reaching out to ask others to consider volunteering your valuable knowledge and time to make our Wisconsin Chapter strong again. Like Wisconsin, many regions are struggling with maintaining the required amount of board members. A leadership session that I attended while at the national conference focused on identifying ways to increase volunteerism.  Of course, the topic of generational differences arose. While each generation has differences; ultimately, we  want to feel connected and we are willing to volunteer when we find value in the organization that we want to support.  It isn’t a generation issue that has caused the amount of volunteerism to fall. Pandemic Fatigue is real!  Volunteers want to be empowered and they want to make a difference. As a committee and representative of the Wisconsin GI community, you can make a difference!

 While our chapter reflects on our past, we are focusing on recharging for the future!  We have begun the process of planning continuing education and would like to begin planning goals for the future. But we need help. How can WSGNA help to soften the national health crisis that the pandemic has so obviously escalated? Can we band together as a  region to help our communities?  What are your thoughts?  We need your help and we need to hear your feedback! Included in the Fall newsletter is a direct link to a survey.  Please take the time to complete so we can serve you better.  In addition, we are opening the September meeting to the membership so that we can answer any questions about moving our Wisconsin Chapter forward. The link to that meeting is also included in the Fall newsletter. We hope to hear from you soon. Wisconsin Strong!


Carolee Czarnecki MS, RN, AGCNS-BC, APNP, CGRN
Carolee Czarnecki MS, RN, AGCNS-BC, APNP, CGRN
From the President