Wisconsin Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates

President’s Message
March 1, 2021

A year ago when I wrote my President’s Message for the Spring WSGNA Newsletter, our region appeared strong as we were preparing for GI Nurses and Associates Week and our Regional Spring Conference. I knew I had concerns about the future of our region since we were already seeing vacant positions on our board of directors.  I recall writing about another organization that became extinct because no one volunteered. I would never have imagined that 2020 would be a year affected by a pandemic causing the amount of loss our organization has experienced. With only 3 members currently on the WSGNA Board of Directors (which once had 7 members), it is time for our organization to restructure and rebuild. The current WSGNA Board of Directors met in January to discuss proposed changes to help restructure the board. We propose the number of board positions be reduced from 7 to 5. The Director-at-Large roles would be eliminated and the responsibilities of those positions will be distributed to other board positions. The future board of directors would consist of: Past-President, President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

In order to change the board positions and responsibilities, the WSGNA Bylaws must be rewritten. The bylaws are the building blocks or rules made by our regional society to control the actions of our members. Did you know this is where you, as a member, hold responsibility for this change? In order for the new bylaws to be adopted, you have to vote on them. Do you know where to find our bylaws? Have you ever read our WSGNA Regional Society Bylaws?

The current bylaws posted on the WSGNA website need to be rewritten and this will take some time. I encourage you to read the bylaws and offer suggestions on what you would like to see changed. It is your opportunity to “amplify your voice and accelerate your impact” on our organization. What do you want done? Watch for a survey that will be coming soon to collect your input.

SGNA National Board of Directors is also proposing a change to our national bylaws. They made a recommendation to dissolve the House of Delegates and replace it with a new process that will allow quicker idea generation and offer additional opportunities for networking and collaboration between National SGNA and the SGNA Regions. A bylaw vote will be coming late March/early April to obtain membership approval. I encourage you to read the House of Delegates Changes-FAQ document and send questions to: info@sgna.org. Use the subject line: HOD Question.

On April 24, 2021 the WSGNA Board of Directors want to hold our WSGNA Annual Members Meeting to share and discuss the results of our survey and hear what ideas you have to improve our organization. Watch for the invite!Hopefully, together we can make the changes needed for our WSGNA Regional Society to survive.


Amy Komp, WSGNA President

Amy Komp, WSGNA President

From the President