WSGNA Distinguished Service Award

Margaret Hauser-Ullman
CONGRATULATIONS! Margaret Hauser-Ullman 2012 Recipient

WSGNA is always proud to honor the hard work and dedication of our members. Starting in 2019, because there have been no applicants since 2012, the Distinguished Service Award that honored the memory of one of our founding Board members, Sharon Worzalla, is no longer going to be awarded. The rest of this page is archived for historical purposes. Thank you!

Sharon recognized the value and importance of her professional organization in her life. She dedicated her time and talent to serving WSGNA and her GI colleagues by her example of leadership, professionalism, and commitment to share her knowledge and skills. She helped lead the way to make WSGNA the vibrant organization it is today.

WSGNA Distinguished Service Award (DSA) nominations must be received by June 1st of the year to be awarded. Please observe the following criteria when filling out the nomination forms.


  • The nominee MUST be a member of WSGNA for 5 years.
  • All areas of the forms must be completed. Forms may be submitted by email or regular mail. Incomplete or unreadable forms will be returned for clarification.
  • All nominations will be evaluated on a point system and review of essay. The Board of Directors will determine the distribution and monetary amount of the award. The award is limited to a once in a lifetime eligibility.
  • All nominations must be received/postmarked by June 1 of the year to be awarded. The award will be announced August 31 of that year and presented at the next WSGNA Business meeting.

The complete nomination forms are to be sent to the WSGNA Director at Large Nominations-Membership. Contact information can be found on the WSGNA website at The recipient will receive a WSGNA membership renewal, a waived registration fee for a WSGNA educational conference, a monetary award, and an inscribed service award. Click to view or download application in PDF format. CLICK HERE to apply online.