THANK YOU for the Re-Certifying Scholarship! 
Re-certifying will enhance my professional career for multiple reasons. First, my institution requires that all of us use AIDET to introduce ourselves to our patients. I find that many patients who are anxious about being sedated for the first time are calmed by the fact that I am certified. It provides reassurance to them that I know what I’m doing. Second, re-certification requires that I continue to be active in lifelong learning in multiple forums. Whether it be as a presenter, a preceptor, attending online or live events, the contact hour requirements mean that I am keeping abreast of the latest evidence-based practice and research in GI. This means that my nursing practice is proactive and that my unit can position ourselves to be at the forefront in adopting SGNA guidelines and recommendations. Finally, I believe it has given me professional opportunities that I might otherwise not have had, such as being a nurse reviewer for some GI modules from Wolters Kluwer Health Care. Basically, certification and re-certification has validated that I am a leader in my field. Re-certification has enhanced not only my professional career, but also the lives of my patients and the culture in which I work.

Thank you again,
Deb Schmeling

A Re-Certifying Thank You!