In the spring of 2015 WSGNA formed an education committee whose purpose is to assist in identifying and providing WSGNA members educational opportunities within the region. The objectives are:

  • to provide evidence-based education remotely
  • to foster professional development
  • to provide venues for increased member participation
  • to promote inclusivity to region
  • to ensure quality and connectivity in delivery of services
  • to position WSGNA as a leading organization for education in our field

WSGNA is very excited to develop and offer educational programs and contact hours via the internet.  Currently, we have 7 recorded programs and 2 puzzles available via our website

The committee is working on building these programs by inviting speakers to present at a venue convenient for them. One venue option may be at a local hospital or at a local library like the one used in Madison during GI Nurses Week.  The on-site audience can be as small or large as we would like and yes, we will record the talk for future viewing and contact hour offering. The program will be then be available via the WSGNA website for the next 2 years.  There is also the option of viewing this program live – in real time and with remote participation capability.

WSGNA seeks to:

  • Connect with each other in smaller groups
  • Learn from each other in the GI community
  • Share ideas and technologies

This ad hoc committee includes three permanent members; Chair-Margaret Hauser-Ullman, Deb Schmeling, and Mary Garcia. The transitional members will include the Immediate Past President; Conference Committee Chair; and President-Elect.

WSGNA is taking to heart the themes of this last year’s  SGNA 42nd annual conference and this year’s conference in Seattle by ‘stepping forward’ and ‘breaking the mold’ to STRENGTHEN and INCREASE our membership through education… where ever you are!

  • Is there a topic you would like to know more about?
  • Would you like to enhance your career and share with others as a presenter? A great way to get your feet wet so to speak!
  • Would you like to host a networking afternoon or evening in your area? Let’s share those ideas and see what  other GI professionals are doing in and around  your area.
  • Would you like to know more; or, do you have any questions? Email one of the committee members and let us hear from you!

Margaret –